South America

Round River is assisting Conservación Patagónica with efforts focused on restoration and conducting critical field studies (e.g., baseline inventories or ecological research) to provide important information for the future management of the new park area. Ultimately, Conservación Patagónica, will join Valle Chacabuco with two existing protected areas contiguous to the valley – Tamango National Reserve to the southwest and Jeinimeni National Reserve to the North, whereby creating a new national park of at least 750,000 acres.

While continuing this work with Conservacion Patagonica, Round River has also recently collaborated with CONAF, a division of Chile’s Ministry of Forests. Working at the western edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, students spend time in remote Fiordo Bernardo.  While here they study the iconic and endangered huemul deer with CONAF biologists, assist with trail building, and learn about the Patagonian culture from the “guardaparques” (park guards).

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