Accepted Students

Congratulations on being accepted into one of Round River’s student programs.  We look forward to having you with us as we conduct field work in beautiful areas, become familiar with the flora and fauna around us, and assist local communities with their conservation efforts.

To help you prepare for this experience, we have resources available about our programs, field sites, and courses. You will receive an updated Student Information Packet by email approximately three months before your program starts.

You can download previous semesters’ Packets by clicking the buttons below. Please read through the Information Packet carefully. Any questions should be directed to Doug Milek, Student Program Director, or Susie Dain-Owens, Associate Student Program Director.

Email Doug Milek

Email Susie Dain-Owens

Program Manuals

Below are the Student Information Packets for each of our programs.  Each manual provides background information on the research done in your program area, general information about where you will be during the program, what activities you will be participating in, travel and visa information, and Round River’s student conduct policies. You will also find a detailed packing list and a list of recommended books for your program.

Please click below to download your Student Information Packet:

Namibia Student Info Packet Part 1
Namibia Student Info Packet Part 2
Botswana Student Info Packet
Patagonia Student Info Packet
Taku Student Info Packet