Geographic Information Systems

The GIS laboratory is Round River’s technical hub for geospatial data management, innovative spatial analysis, and the creation of map-based products for presentation to our conservation partners and local stakeholders. The mission of the GIS lab is to develop and implement strategies for the integration and analysis of spatial data, to most effectively inform land use planning and management in the varied geographies in which we work.

Spatial analysis allows us to generate answers to the myriad questions that include the word “where”:

  • Where do local people currently use the landscape, and where have they in the past?
  • Where are the most productive habitats for wildlife?
  • Where are the important wildlife corridors that will serve to maintain connectivity within this landscape?
  • Where are certain activities now occurring that represent imminent threats to these things?
  • How do all of these things overlap in space, and where are the locations that most need our attention in order to achieve lasting conservation of the important features of this landscape?

These are the questions that agency planners, local stakeholders, and conservationists alike are asking, and GIS products created by Round River are helping them to generate answers.

Round River’s GIS Lab utilizes ESRI ArcGIS / ArcInfo software in the creation of our spatial analysis and cartographic products.
We would like to thank the ESRI Conservation Program for the grant of this software which enables us to do this work.