Mission and Vision

Flanagan Slough, Taku River (Photo: Bryan Evans)

Flanagan Slough, Taku River (Photo: Bryan Evans)

Round River is dedicated to conservation strategies that preserve and restore wild places; to that end, we strive to develop and support traditions that sustain wildness. These efforts are anchored in the principles of conservation biology, supported by field research and community planning.

Today our conservation efforts in North America are focused in northwestern British Columbia, in the canyons and forests of Southern Utah and the mountains of Central Idaho. In Africa, our longstanding work in the deserts of Namibia continues as we begin another conservation opportunity in the Okavango Delta of Botswana. In South America, we have an exciting new project in the Patagonia Mountains and Chacabuco Valley of Chile.

We take our name from Aldo Leopold’s essay Round River, along with the idea that ecological study enriches one’s personal land ethic. Round River Student Research Study Abroad Programs are field-based, authentic experiences that offer the opportunity for small groups of students to become part of our efforts, and work alongside Round River’s conservation biologists and our local community partners.

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