Contact Us

If you would like to contact us by phone or mail, please use the address and phone numbers below:

Round River Administration
284 West 400 North; Suite 105
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103
Main Office: 801-359-4250
Fax: 801-364-1873

Round River Conservation Science                                                                        104 E. Main St., Suite 302                                                                                                 Bozeman, Montana 59715


Kathleen Wilson, Operations Director
Cell: 801-870-0302

Kimberly Heinemeyer, Lead Conservation Scientist
Cell: 406-600-7847

Julia Smith, GIS Analyst
Cell: 941-773-9757

For information about our student programs please contact:

Susie Dain-Owens, Associate Director of Student Programs

Doug Milek, Student Programs Director