• Yellow Bluff, Taku River
    Yellow Bluff, Taku River, British Columbia (Photo: Bryan Evans)
  • Ellie Youngblood
    Ellie Youngblood, Himba Village, Namibia (Photo: Rebekah Karimi)
  • Adult male lion
    Adult male lion, Namibia (Photo: Cassidy Francik)
  • Combs Wash
    Combs Wash, Utah (Photo: Bryan Evans)
  • Young Elephant
    Young Elephant, Okavango Delta, Botswana (Photo: Dennis Sizemore)
  • Young Grizzly Bear
    Young Grizzly Bear, Nakina River, British Columbia (Photo: Dennis Sizemore)
  • Waterhole, Etosha National Park
    Waterhole, Etosha National Park, Namibia (Photo: Trent Alvey)
  • Steenbok, Central Kalahari Game Refuge
    Steenbok, Central Kalahari Game Refuge, Botswana. (Photo: Bryan Evans)
  • Flanagan Slough
    Flanagan Slough, Taku River (Photo: Bryan Evans)
  • Quskas Lake
    Quskas Lake, British Columbia Central Coast, Heiltsuk Territory. Photo: Ian McAllister
  • Klip Valley
    Klip Valley, Kunene Region of Namibia. (Photo: Dennis Sizemore)
  • Valley of the Gods,
    Valley of the Gods, Utah, Diné Bikéyah Conservation Area. (Photo: Dennis Sizemore)
Round River is dedicated to conservation strategies that preserve and restore wild places; to that end, we strive to develop and support traditions that sustain wildness.

What We Do

Round River Conservation Studies is an ecological research and education organization whose goal is the formulation and implementation of conservation strategies that conserve and restore wildness. We recognize that flourishing wildness and wild places are important in, and of, themselves.

Employing the principles of conservation biology, we formulate strategies to give our partner communities, organizations and governments a well-founded scientific basis for their long-term conservation planning efforts.

Student Study Abroad Program

Round River believes landscapes are powerful educators. In Africa, South America and North America our wildlife conservation study abroad programs are designed to involve small groups of students in ongoing research projects that are finding and implementing solutions to real conservation and environmental issues.

The efforts of these students contribute significantly to the larger conservation initiatives of Round River and our local partners.

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